Gourmet Appetizers And Main Dishes For A Formal Award Ceremony

Gourmet foods encompass a wide range of sophisticated and high quality dishes that could potentially be featured in a specific region or that are commonly used during fine dining events. An awards ceremony that will be held at a banquet hall may have persuaded you to prepare a spread of food that your guests of honor and their respective families can enjoy after the formalities have been conducted. Purchase gourmet ingredients or trays of food that will be fitting for the social function.

Choose One Theme Or A Wide Range Of Treats

If you will be serving alcohol at the end of the gathering, incorporate a wine and cheese hour and purchase an array of cheeses that will complement your beverage choices. If you do not want to stick to one type of gourmet food and want to give your guests the opportunity to satisfy their palates with a diverse collection of sweet, sour, and savory treats, choose some fresh-baked bagels and various spreads that are favored for their distinct textures and flavor combinations.

If appetizers aren't going to be sufficient for the event and you plan on pairing an appetizer round with a more filling meal, purchase gourmet food that can be used for each course of the meal. Sausages, caviar, seafood specialties, and baked goods can be used for the preliminary part of the meal. Purchase some aged beef, seasoned vegetables, and hearty breads and garnishes for the main part of the meal.

If the ingredients are being purchased from a gourmet food store, acquire a listing of the ingredients and some information about the preparation and serving suggestions, so that you can inform your guests about what you are offering, prior to them digging into their meals.

The preparation and serving suggestions will aid in planning a meal that will be reminiscent of a gourmet dinner that one could expect to enjoy at a fine dining establishment and will minimize the risk of over or undercooking an item or using garnishes that won't be complementary to the main part of each dish.

Chill And Prepare

If the gourmet foods are made to order and your guests can consume them as soon as the award ceremony is over, chill the platters of food and prepare the dining and serving area. Use fine china or decorative plates to set the tables. For any ingredients that you are going to be mixing together or cooking, make a batch of each recipe the night before the event. Cook the food and place it on top of a warming tray, during the event. Afterward, dish out the food to each of your guests.

If you are hosting a fancy event, gourmet food will be key in treating your guests.