Try The Sweet Goodness Of Dulce De Leche Today

Dulce de leche is gaining popularity in the US as a delicious and decadent treat. This milk caramel originated in Argentina and is commonly found throughout Latin America. Dulce de leche is a simple mixture of sugar and milk, which is cooked slowly until thick. So, how do you enjoy this sweet goodness? Consider the following serving suggestions:

In Hot Coffee

If you enjoy a hot cup of coffee with sweetened condensed milk, making homemade caramel could not be easier! First, simmer the canned milk until it turns a golden color and reduces by around half. Stir it in your coffee for a latte like no other — or drizzle over ice cream for a frosty treat!

On Buttery Toast

Another way to enjoy this delicious milk caramel is to drizzle it on warm, buttery toast. The taste combination of savory and sweet is delightful and will delight a wide range of taste buds. Instead of jam, try spreading some dulce de leche on your toast, bagels, English muffins, or pancakes!

As Fun Fondues

Dulce de leche makes a fun and tasty fondue idea, too. It could not be easier — and it pairs well with salty crackers or pretzels, as well as sweet dippers, like cookies, fruit, berries, and graham crackers. Serve it in a warm chafing dish or fondue pot so the caramel will be warm and smooth — perfect for dipping.

With Glazed Meats

When you think of yummy milk caramel, you probably do not think of serving it with meats, but it makes the most delicious, sticky glaze. Try glazing a ham or duck breast with a bit of warmed dulce de leche during cook time; caramel pairs particularly well with the flavors of cayenne and black pepper, as well as garlic. Give it a try!

Swirled in Baked Goods

Try swirling a little bit of dulce de leche in your homemade brownies or cookies. This adds a ribbon of sweet caramel throughout your baked goods and brings some great depth of flavor to whatever you happen to be baking. Dulce de leche is also often served as a simple dip for fruit or cookies — or your fingers!  

Try these tasty serving suggestions for your milk caramel; if you have some sweetened condensed milk in the pantry, you can make your own homemade variation of dulce de leche. If not, consider ordering this decadent treat online for delivery right to your door today! If you want to buy dulce de leche, contact a specialty food seller to learn more about your options.