Three Super Fluffy Frosting Recipes -- Made With Egg Whites

Have you ever tasted a frosting so light and fluffy that it felt reminded you of clouds? Chances are, that frosting was made with egg whites, which when beaten, take up a lot of air and develop a light, fluffy texture. You can make your own light and fluffy frosting for use on cakes, cookies, and other desserts. Here are three great recipes to try. Chocolate Mint Frosting The rich chocolate flavor of this frosting is perfectly paired with just a hint of natural peppermint.

Chicken Organ Meat: Why You Should Include It In Your Diet And A Few Hints For Preparation

In the United States, more chicken is eaten than both pork and beef. Chicken is prepared in almost every way imaginable and now served in most restaurants and fast food establishments, and these statistics are telling as to its popularity among Americans. However, as much as chicken has taken hold of the American palate, there are still many who have not taken the opportunity to try the delights offered by chicken organ meat.

Cheers To That! 3 Surprising Benefits Champagne Offers

Wycliff champagne is undeniably one of the most popular “bubblies” brought out for special occasions and events, with the pop of the opening of the champagne cork being the hallmark of most celebrations. Although champagne is generally reserved for special celebrations, it may be a wonderful substitute for wine and other alcohol with the emergence of newfound discoveries correlating champagne to surprising health benefits. In particular, here are 3 benefits to look forward to.