Cheers To That! 3 Surprising Benefits Champagne Offers

Wycliff champagne is undeniably one of the most popular "bubblies" brought out for special occasions and events, with the pop of the opening of the champagne cork being the hallmark of most celebrations. Although champagne is generally reserved for special celebrations, it may be a wonderful substitute for wine and other alcohol with the emergence of newfound discoveries correlating champagne to surprising health benefits. In particular, here are 3 benefits to look forward to.

A Memory Boost To Prevent Dementia

New research has found that 3 glasses of champagne a week can actually improve your memory. In fact, some scientists even claim that regularly drinking champagne can help prevent dementia and other brain disorders like Alzheimer's. Phenolic acid found in champagne can boost spatial memory, and can increase the amount of proteins in the brain that are essential for memory. Spatial memory is responsible for recording information in regards to one's environment and spatial orientation. This means that you'll have better luck orienting yourself on finding your way home.

Although the initial research was performed on rats, the scientists responsible for the study have said that drinking champagne on a regularly basis may influence one's cognitive functioning and memory within 3 years, and keep dementia and other brain problems at bay. 

A Better Choice For Your Waist Line

Champagne offers similar benefits for your health as red wine and other alternatives. However, champagne does surpass red wine in the sense that it contains fewer calories in general. Champagne contains approximately 90 calories a glass whereas red wine contains about 125 calories a glass. In addition, the bubbles in champagne will generally encourage you to drink it slower and in moderation, as the bubbles tend to make you feel full faster. In short, you will reap all of the health benefits and shrink your waistline in the process. 

Another thing to note is that champagne glasses tend to be a lot smaller than wine glasses. In general, studies have shown that most people tend to drink less champagne when given the opportunity than red or white wine. Since wine glasses are bigger and wine is not bubbly, more people tend to over-indulge in wine, which can be harmful and even lead to alcohol dependence. If you're looking to lose weight and slim down that waistline, champagne is definitely a better alternative than wine.  

An Easy Way Of Improving Cardiac Health

Last but not least, champagne is made from red grapes and white grapes, much like red and white wine. In short, you'll reap the same benefits from drinking champagne as you would from red and white wine. All of these drinks contain an antioxidant known as resveratol, which is responsible for preventing blood vessel damage, preventing blood clots and also reducing bad cholesterol in your body. 

On top of the standard antioxidant, champagne takes its benefits one step further, as it contains polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants, which are not found in wine, have the unique role of slowing down the removal of nitric acid from the blood. This can help significantly lower blood pressure and reduce your overall risk to cardiac problems and strokes. 

Bring Out The Champagne

Don't hesitate to bring out a bottle of champagne when it's time to celebrate. With all of the health benefits that can be reaped, some people are substituting champagne for wine, especially since champagne tend to be cheaper than wine. You don't need to break the bank to enjoy the benefits that the antioxidants in champagne have to offer. Champagne goes well with many different meals, and is a classy option that will spice up your night.