Gelato On A Menu Might Allow A Coffee Shop To Draw Some Attention

Coffee shops must take extra steps to stand out from the crowd. Yes, in a business district, demand for coffee can be tremendous. That's why there may be a ton of cafes. Customers, however, will often choose to patronize the shop closet to them. Walking an additional six blocks to another cafe makes little sense unless the establishment has something unique to offer. While many coffee places sell soup, sandwiches, and cakes, how many have a deal with a gelato distributor? Once the shop starts to sell gelato, then the business could pick with the right marketing plan.

Gelato Isn't Ice Cream

Let's get the point across right from the start. Gelato is not ice cream. Ice cream can be a great dessert item to serve, but gelato comes with a different recipe that opens doors to an equally diverse marketing strategy. Gelato's Italian origins also help brand the frozen dessert. The milk and sugar ingredients might not be out of the ordinary. Still, the expertise that goes into crafting a particular recipe can allow a distributor's selection's taste to stand out. Many recipes involve crafting flavors impossible to find among ice cream brands, which furthers adds to the allure of trying out gelato.

Gelato's Air of Sophistication

Gelato gained a reputation as a highbrow dessert, which can assist with attracting customers looking for something different. Think of a coffee shop next to a popular venue for live theatrical events. If the eatery offers high-end selections, patronage from this theater crowd could increase. Perhaps this patronage could carry over with people working in the local business district. Standard ice cream might not be able to do so.

Coming Up with Unique Offerings

And you can try to dazzle customers with unique selections. Gelato is usually served in a dish ala traditional ice cream. No one says a coffee shop can't become creative with the servings. Imagine mixing a couple of scoops of coffee or vanilla-flavored gelato in with a glass of iced expresso. Customers might find that to be worth trying. And who says you can't shake up breakfast options? Imagine adding a scoop of banana or yogurt-flavored gelato to a waffle. Little things like this don't go unnoticed by customers, especially those with a sweet tooth. Of course, you could do the same with regular ice cream, but gelato may stand out more. And drawing attention is what you want.

Remember, menu items aren't just about taste and sophistication. They also assist with promotions, and coffee shops in competitive locations should consider gelato's assistance. Contact Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy for more.