4 Ways To Use Chimichurri Dipping Sauce

Chimichurri dipping sauce originated in Argentina and is now popular across the Americas. The sauce is made with parsley, oregano, garlic, red pepper flakes, olive oil and red wine vinegar, and it has a refreshing pungent flavor with a tangy aftertaste. Chimichurri is typically used as a condiment for meat dishes and an ingredient in a range of savory dishes. Here are four ways you can use chimichurri dipping sauce:

Serve With Grilled Vegetables

Chimichurri isn't just for meat lovers. Next time you grill vegetable kebabs, serve the skewers on a platter with chimichurri dipping sauce to give your grilled vegetables a flavor boost without the added sugar and salt often found in popular dipping sauces. The fresh herbs will enhance the flavor of your cooked vegetables and pair particularly well with nutty mushrooms, sweet peppers, and tender corn.

Use As A Sandwich Spread

You don't have to limit yourself to dipping food into your chimichurri, you can also use it as a spread. Try spreading it onto sourdough bread and combining with a mellow, creamy, cheese, and fresh salad leaves. Alternatively, you could mix your chimichurri with a little mayonnaise and enjoy it as part of a roast beef and dill pickle sandwich served on rye or seeded whole grain bread.

Stir It Into Pasta

Chimichurri dipping sauce can also be used as an alternative to pesto. Stir the sauce into hot or cold pasta and enjoy with roasted chicken breast or Mediterranean vegetables. The tangy taste of chimichurri can lift the flavor of any pasta dish, and if you enjoy a salad with your pasta, you can even skip the dressing in favor of an extra drizzle of chimichurri.

Drizzle Over Fried Eggs

With their silky whites and creamy yolks, fried eggs are a favorite breakfast choice for many. Drizzle a little chimichurri sauce over your eggs to jazz up the flavor and complement the richness of the yolks. Enjoy your chimichurri eggs with a gamey sausage, such as venison, or with tangy sourdough bread spread thickly with salted butter.     

These are just a few examples of how chimichurri dipping sauce can be used in your kitchen. It's a versatile ingredient that can be used simply as a sauce for meat, or it can be incorporated into your favorite recipes to add a new flavor dimension and enhance the classic flavors of the dish. Pick yourself up a jar and enjoy experimenting with it in your cooking.