Pine Pollen Capsules: A Natural Way To Raise Testosterone Levels

Many men deal with symptoms of low testosterone as they grow older. A loss of muscle mass, hair loss, and reduced libido can really start to affect you. And yet, you may be hesitant to supplement with testosterone creams or injections. After all, these treatments have been known to cause side effects like acne and mood swings. Thankfully, there is a natural alternative. Pine pollen capsules can help naturally raise your testosterone levels.

What are pine pollen capsules?

These are pretty much what they sound like. They are capsules that contain a small portion of pine pollen, which is pollen from pine trees. Technically, pollen from any species of pine tree can be used, but since most pine pollen supplements are made in the U.S. where white pines and Scots pines are common, these are the species you tend to see used.

How do pine pollen capsules raise testosterone levels?

Pine pollen is basically the male reproductive substance released by the pine tree. As such, it contains small amounts of plant testosterone. These plant testosterone substances won't pack the same punch as a prescription supplement for testosterone would, but they can help gently raise your testosterone levels. Because the effects are milder, you are less likely to experience side effects like oily skin and mood swings.

How much pine pollen should you take?

Every brand makes their pine pollen capsules a little differently, so check the label for the exact recommended dose. If possible, try to buy smaller pine pollen capsules. This way, you can more easily adjust the dose. For example, if you take two small capsules and it's not quite enough, you can start taking three. If you were to have larger capsules, it would be harder to fine-tune your dose.

What are the other benefits of taking pine pollen capsules? 

This is another reason to consider taking pine pollen capsules rather than prescription testosterone supplements. They have some other benefits. Pine pollen is really high in antioxidants, which help boost your immune system. This may help keep you from contracting the common cold or the flu. Pine pollen is also good at reducing your levels of stress, and reducing stress helps prevent all sorts of issues, from depression to headaches.

Pine pollen capsules can be a good choice for men who are dealing with symptoms of low testosterone. Talk to your doctor to see whether this might be a healthy choice for you.